Pulse FULL CARBON 2 Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle


  • 3K carbon, ABS edge blade
  • 2pcs adjustable, Grooved Unti-twist design with Stainless Steel adjustable pin(316).
  • Length: 68”- 85” 175-215 cm
  • Weight: ~550 gram



The top of the handle should measure 9” inches above the height of the rider. Example: a 5’7 (67”) person should size the paddle to height (67”) + 9” = 76”.


  • If the paddle is sized in the range of 7-10” it should be fine however anymore that 2-3”inches from the 9” can lead to a very uncomfortable paddle. Too tall and your shoulders strain. Too short and your back strains.
  • Always paddle with the angle of the blade tilted in the forward direction toward the nose of your paddle board.
  • Your paddle can chip away at your rails depending on your technique. You can purchase rail guard tape to help protect your side rails from scratches, dings and chips from your paddle blade.


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